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Snapchat for iOS

Snapchat is a real-time media sharing platform that helps you connect with friends around the world. This app allows you to send and receive images and videos. Unlike other social networking sites, the media do not stay forever and gets deleted, just seconds after you have viewed it. You can replay a snap only once, after that it will get permanently deleted.

So you would like to use this chance wisely. To make the experience even more exciting, snapchat has additional features like filters and lenses. Not only that, like every other social networking site, snapchat hack allows you to exchange messages between friends, but the messages get deleted after they are being read. This makes your friends give more attention to the shared media. However, screenshots of the snaps can be taken on doing so; the sender will be notified.


Snapchat is available for iOS as well as the android platform. For iOS, the app can be downloaded from Appstore. It is available for free. To start using, just install the app on your smartphone and create an account. You will be required to choose a username for yourself. Although the app shows you the available usernames, you can always give your own. Make sure that you choose a username that you will not regret later. Because the username, once selected cannot be changed, unless you create a new account. This name is also important because all other users know you by this name, it would help to keep a catchy and cool username.

After you have provided the app with your name, date of birth and e-mail address, you will be required to input a password. This password should be kept confidential, as revealing it to others might lead to the contents of your account tampered with. With this, your account will be created.


The next thing to do is to add friends to your account. For this, the snapchat will simply scan your contacts and show you the list of friends who are already signed up. You can send them a friend request, and once they accept your request, you can start exchanging messages and snaps. You can also look out for friends by using their username. Snapcode is a unique QR code given to all the snapchat users; this will help your friends to spot you. The snap code also requires a snap code selfie which will be displayed to your friends. So keep an appropriate selfie for your friends to see.

After you are set with all these on your smartphone, the snapchat itself will guide you along. Hence there is hardly any chance of getting confused. You should, however, be clear in the language of snapchat before you start using it. Given below are some of the frequently used terms.

  • Snap – a snap is a real-time video or image that can be shared with friends. This disappears after being watched.
  • Filter – the filter allows you to edit your photos by giving them a fun twist.
  • Snap lenses – this is used while taking snaps to add special effects.
  • Geofilter – this is a filter based on your geological location.
  • Stories – these are videos and images already stored on your smartphone, but you can still share.
  • Memories – backup of the media you have shared before.
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